Researcher profielen

  • drs. (Astrid) A Cevaal

    drs. (Astrid) A Cevaal
  • (Thiago) T Chagas de Almeida

    (Thiago) T Chagas de Almeida
  • (Simeng) S Chang

    (Simeng) S Chang
  • dr. (Vidhi) V Chaudhri

    **Vidhi Chaudhri** is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam where she teaches in the International…
    dr. (Vidhi) V Chaudhri
  • (Marina) M Cheffe

    (Marina) M Cheffe
  • dr. (Vivian) HH Chen

    Dr. Chen’s research interests include how technology brings changes in communication behaviors and facilitate both negative and positive individual and social…
    dr. (Vivian) HH Chen
  • (Kaixin) K Cheng, MA

    Kaixin Cheng (Xiaoming) is a PhD candidate at ESHCC, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Supervised by promotors prof. dr. Marc Verboord and prof. dr. Susanne Janssen…
    (Kaixin) K Cheng, MA
  • (Potter) J Clempner

    (Potter) J Clempner
  • (Tamira) TJ Combrink

    (Tamira) TJ Combrink
  • (Wessel) W Coppes, MA

    (Wessel) W Coppes, MA

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