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  • dr. (Christian) CW Handke

    dr. (Christian) CW Handke

    Christian Handke is Associate Professor of Cultural Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. From 2012 to 2018, he was programme director of the Master in…
  • (Hilde) HB Harmsen MA

    (Hilde) HB Harmsen MA

    Hilde Harmsen studied History of Society at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Human Geography at the Utrecht University. Her MA thesis is titled Verf en…
  • dr. (Mark) ME Hay

    dr. (Mark) ME Hay

    I read history in Amsterdam, Paris, and Oxford, before taking up an AHRC-funded doctorate in history at King’s College London.My research explores international…
  • dr. (Pieter) PJBJ van den Heede

    dr. (Pieter) PJBJ van den Heede

    Pieter Van den Heede is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of History at Erasmus University Rotterdam.In his research, he primarily focuses on the…
  • dr. (Anne-Mette) AMM Hermans

    dr. (Anne-Mette) AMM Hermans

    My research focuses on (gendered) issues related to body projects, particularly cosmetic procedures. In 2021, Routledge published my book Discourses of…
  • (Anne) AF Heslinga

    (Anne) AF Heslinga

    Annie Heslinga is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication (Department of History).  Her doctoral research is funded by the…
  • (Bram) BFM Hilkens

    (Bram) BFM Hilkens

    Bram is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, employed at dr. Daniel Curtis' VIDI-project 'Positively Shocking'. He is mostly occupied with the…
  • dr. (Erik) HJCJ Hitters

    dr. (Erik) HJCJ Hitters

    Erik Hitters (1964) is Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Industries in the Department of Media & Communication of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He…
  • dr. (Dorus) TJ Hoebink

    dr. (Dorus) TJ Hoebink

  • dr. (Yuri) Y van Hoef

    dr. (Yuri) Y van Hoef

    ResearchMy research focuses on the role of friendship in contemporary political history, with a specialisation in the role of emotions in politics, specifically…