(Zahra) Z. Niazkhani MSc

(external) researcher Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management Health Care Governance (HCG)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
J 8-59
+31 10 4088912

Latest academic publication

H. Pirnejad & Z. Niazkhani (2017). Learning from lessons on applying information technology in organ transplant: a stepping stone to achieve Electronic Health Record meaningful use. American Journal of Transplantation, 201.

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After graduating from Medicine at Urmia University of Medical Science in 1999, I worked as a general practitioner in public and private sectors of Iranian health care system for nearly four years. In March 2004, I started to work on my master at the iBMG department of Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. My master thesis focused on conceptualizing the impact of computerized physician order entry on clinical workflow and was later published in JAMIA (2009;16:539 –549). After July 2006, I continued the subject with a couple of field studies at Erasmus Medical Center as my PhD research. I defended my PhD thesis entitled "a fit between clinical workflow and health care information technology: not waiting for Godot but making the journey" in December 2009. Since February 2010, I have been working as assistant professor of Medical Informatics at Urmia University of Medical Science and also collaborating with the Health Care Governance group on academic activities.

Fields of interest

  • Analysis and modeling workflow processes in health information technology (HIT)
  • Patient safety in health care organizations
  • Clinical workflow with HIT
  • Patient safety with HIT
  • Evaluating the outcome of HIT implementations in health care organizations


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Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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Postbus 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam