Scientific Integrity Counsellor

EUR Holding BV provides a Scientific Integrity Counsellor in the person of Professor Jack Vromen. He can be contacted at the event of his absence, he will be adequately replaced.

The task of the Scientific Integrity Counsellor of EUR Holding BV is to give advice and counselling on questions, reports, or complaints about scientific integrity, (suspected) violations of scientific integrity, and misconduct in connection with contract research and teaching within EUR Holding BV subsidiaries. In practice, this means that a person filing an incident report (informant) or lodging a complaint (complainant) will in the first instance receive advice from the counsellor on the issue at hand before deciding whether to pursue filing the report or use the formal complaints procedure. In that case, the counsellor will inform the informant or complainant about the formal procedure to follow, or offer mediation that might lead to a resolution of the problem.

The counsellor will carry out this task in consultation with the Scientific Integrity Counsellor of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), also in connection with cases that involve research or educational activities and/or persons associated with one of the University’s Schools. 

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