Eurekaweek Board 2018

  • Maaike de Keulenaar
    Study: Global History & International Relations

    In the past years, I have experienced the Eurekaweek from all different perspectives: as participant, guide and crew. These great experiences have sparked my interest in joining the Eurekaweek Board. This year I have gotten the opportunity to organize this week, together with seven others.

    The Eurekaweek was the perfect start to my student life. My two great guides have made sure that I became acquainted with Rotterdam, the university and my fellow students, who are still my friends. This made sure I could start studying with a new energy. I hope we can give every new student the best start of their student life!

  • Rogier Blokland
    Study: Econometrics & Management Science

    In 2014, as a participant of the Eurekaweek, I started my student life with great pleasure. The past few years, I have been building a life in a city where the possibilities are endless, especially for students. I have been an active member at my study association, practiced soccer at the student soccer association and practiced bowling weekly in Schiedam. In my opinion, the best part of a large city like Rotterdam is that everything is within reach. Last summer, it was time for a change, so I applied for the Eurekaweek Board to organise the largest Eurekaweek ever. A unique opportunity to give a large group of first year students an amazing week! The Eurekaweek is also the best moment to get to know fellow students and all Rotterdam has to offer. Together with my board, I want to make sure you can start your student life with an absolute bang!

  • Enid Hartman 
    Study: Business Economics - Erasmus University College

    Before I started at Erasmus University College, I had never been to Rotterdam. The start of the Eurekaweek was very nerve-wracking, but I really couldn’t have wished for a better start to my student life. It was the perfect way to get to know all the different aspects of student life in Rotterdam. Throughout the week, I immediately felt at home in Rotterdam and I met people who are still some of my best friends. In the last few years, the Eurekaweek has always been one of the best weeks of the year for me and I can’t wait to experience this week again with all new students of 2018.

  • Johan Paping
    Study: Economics & Business Economics

    In 2013, the Eurekaweek was the beginning of my student life. I didn’t know what to expect from student life before, but my enthusiasm towards Rotterdam sparked during this week. Therefore, I decided to become a guide next year, so I was able to convey my enthusiasm to the new students. The years after, I experienced the Eurekaweek with my student association, but this year, I decided I wanted to organise the week myself. In my function of acquisition, my main responsibility is to contact sponsors, but like everyone, I am responsible for a number of events during the week. The main focus here is to organise an amazing week for the first year students.

  • Julia de Haan
    Internal Affairs 
    Study: International Bachelor of History

    My first experience with the Eurekaweek was when I myself started studying at the EUR. This offered me the stepping stone that I needed to get acquainted with all that this university and the city has to offer. I learned and experienced a lot as an active student. I am looking forward to organise the Eurekaweek this year together with my board, because it is the perfect way for new students to discover Rotterdam and their next phase in life!

  • Eveline Rosenkotter
    Participants & Guides 
    Study: Business Administration

    During my studies, I took part in the Eurekaweek as a participant, guide and crew. Last summer, I completed my bachelor degree at the Erasmus University, after which I knew that I wanted to use my gap year to organise the Eurekaweek myself!

    For me, the Eurekaweek has something very valuable for every student. At the start of your student days, it is the perfect way to discover everything Rotterdam has to offer!

  • Sophie Defaix
    Study: International Bachelor of Communication and Media

    For me, the Eurekaweek is the best week of the year in Rotterdam. Every year, in the third week of August, our beautiful city welcomes a large group of new students, ready for the next phase in their lives and yet, a little curious or nervous for everything that awaits them. I was a nervous participant in 2014, in 2015 I have guided a group of students and last year, I participated in the Eurekaweek as part of the crew. This year, I hope to put all my experiences towards organising a fantastic week, together with my fellow board members. I can’t wait for August to come!

  • Emiel Maasland
    Logistics & Crew
    Study: Business & IT Management

    In previous years, I have experienced the Eurekaweek for a total of four times. In these years I have been participant and crew. My fifth Eurekaweek will be the week where I have been given the task to organise all the logistics during the week, together with a great crew. I consider this a wonderful challenge!

    My goal is to organise a great week, to make sure everyone has a perfect week like the one I had myself.