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ErasmusU_Online is a collaboration between the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) and the EUR faculties. The aim is to promote online education at Erasmus University Rotterdam by supporting faculties in setting up accredited online programmes.

ErasmusU_Online works on the full spectrum of online education. From online courses within on-campus programmes to fully online (pre)master programmes. In time, the online portfolio will continue to expand and reach a growing number of future and current students.

The following projects are currently underway:

What’s the current status of ErasmusU_Online?
Below you will find the projects that are currently being implemented, explored, or supported by ErasmusU_Online in any other way.

In academic year 2022-2023, the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) had the premiere with the first online master's: Psychology of the Digital Media. In academic year 2023-2024, this programme will again be offered fully online.

The evaluation of academic year 2022-2023 showed that students were very enthusiastic about the online design of the programme that offered a clear structure. Students found it added value to be able to study full-time with flexibility in which physical place they want to study. Teachers were also comfortable with the online programme. Despite the differences in the type of work, they found the workload similar to a physical master's. In the design and implementation of the online master, support for lecturers is crucial. The use of a tutor, and other support teams within ESSB contributed to the quality and findability of the online master.

"They felt that this allowed them to gather many different perspectives, and made interactions easier in the online environment, where large group conversations can sometimes be difficult to navigate."

  • The Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management (ESHPM) launched a hybrid pre-master in Health Sciences in academic year 2022-2023, after which the programme was offered fully online alongside the campus variant in academic year 2023-2024. The Dutch-language full-time programme consists of 14 courses that are additionally supported by an online coordinator.
  • The online master's in Public Governance, Management and Policy (e-PGMP) at Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) started in September 2023 with 22 online students, both Dutch and internationals.
  • The second degree Philosophy programme of Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil): redesign of the first 9 courses of this programme to online education. As these courses are mainly scheduled after regular teaching hours, between 15:00-22:00, it may be valuable for both student and teacher to offer components asynchronously online.
  • Erasmus School of Economics' (ESE) e-MSc Data Science & Marketing Analytics. Educational advice on learning objectives for this new online master, and to develop a feasible and scalable alternative for a thesis for 200 online students.

The Community for Learning & Innovation has offered support to the European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC) team in preparing EUR courses selected to be opened to students from our UNIC partners. The following courses are currently supported:

ESHCCUrban History: Rotterdam in Global Perspective
ESHCCFeeding, Breeding and Bleeding for World Domination 1870 - 1950
ESSBDigital Media @ Work
ESLMinor Political Economy of European Integration
RSMGlobal Supply Chain Mangement
RSMInnovation Management

ErasmusU_Online also contributes to the development of:

  • The part-time Bachelor of Laws (Friday afternoon classes) (ESL)
  • ISS's online courses
  • Ideas for a pre-master Global Health (Erasmus MC)

There is also collaboration with:

  • The English-language pre-master's in Business Administration (RSM)

Yello homepage

ErasmusU_Online sees it as the university's responsibility to facilitate and encourage social connectedness and a sense of belonging by designing courses that enhance social engagement in the classroom.

In addition, ErasmusU_Online has set up an online social platform to encourage social engagement outside the classroom as well. This platform is particularly active in the 'onboarding' period of students, in the first three months of the academic year. The online social platform is integrated into Canvas and available to all students taking online courses. Currently, some 280 students from three online programmes (RSM and ESSB) participate in the social platform. The platform has been named Yello.


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