Webinars are interactive sessions of 1 hour in which you will get inspiration for your own teaching about several educational topics.

Would you like to work on a concrete product for your own course after, or instead of, following one of the webinars? Then sign up for a MicroLab.

Are you looking for ways to make your online teaching sessions more interactive? Or are you looking for inspiration for online tools? In the Online interaction and tool experience you will experience different interaction possibilities within Zoom and we will explain for what purposes you can use them yourself. This webinar is also open for non-teaching staff.

All EUR-staff can participate for free. Click here to sign up.



Do you want to create educational videos for your course but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, we got you! In this short webinar ‘Effective educational videos to boost students’ learning’ you’ll get familiar with writing an effective script, choosing the right images to support your story and integrating your video in your course by making it interactive. This webinar is an introduction to the MicroLab ‘How to create an educational video?’. This webinar is also open for non-teaching staff. All EUR-staff can participate for free.


13 July 202313:00-14:00
26 October 202312:00-13:00
23 November 202312:00-13:00

Signing up

Click here to sign up. Lecturers from ErasmusMC can sign up by sending an e-mail to tersteeg@risbo.eur.nl.

The past year forced us to investigate and experiment with everything that online teaching had to offer us. And as it goes with all experiments: sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we failed. But we have learned a lot. And we have discovered online opportunities for learning that we believe are worth keeping in our course design.

Because what will happen after the pandemic? We believe that traditional learning models will not suit anymore. We need to combine the best of everything that we have discovered. Combining the best of online with the best that campus has to offer to us.

In this one hour interactive webinar you will learn about the concept of hybrid course design. A course design model in which you can investigate the best possible learning modality for each learning activity. We will provide you with suggestions and ideas for rethinking your courses, not only for the possible hybrid start of the coming academic year. But also and even more to prepare you for the education of the future.


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If you are looking for online engagement within Canvas, you might want to use Feedback Fruits. Feedback Fruits is a tool where you can upload materials (such as videos and documents) and add interactive questions to these materials.

The tools are easy to set up and promote active engagement through interactive assignments. With the tools your students collaborate more and learn from one another by online peer- and teacher feedback.

In this webinar we introduce you to three of the ten available tools in Feedback Fruits. After this webinar, you will be able to find the Feedback Fruits tool in Canvas and decide which one to choose. No prior knowledge is needed, except for basic Canvas knowledge.


11 July 202313:00 - 14:00
28 November 202315:30 - 16:30
11 April 202415:30 - 16:30

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Education is the most powerful weapon that we have to change the world. (Nelson Mandela)

Are you looking for ways to create impact with your course? Our world is complex and full of wicked problems, through our education we can prepare students to be able to contribute to solving these challenges. But where to start? Join this webinar to explore principles of impact-driven education and identify opportunities for your course. This webinar is an introduction to the MicroLab ‘How to design impact driven education?’. This webinar is also open for non-teaching staff. All EUR-staff can participate for free.

Sign up here.


Do your slides look like the left part of the picture below? And do you want your slides to support your teaching in the best possible way? Then follow our webinar ‘How to visualize  your content’!  In this webinar you will learn why it is important to use visualization and how you can do that effectively.

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5 July 202314:00 - 15:00
17 January 202412:00 - 13:00
9 April 202412:00 - 13:00


Are you looking for ways to make your lessons even more interactive with the right type of questions? The Webinar ‘Art of Questioning’ will introduce you to the world of questioning. You will learn why asking the right questions at the right time is important and you will experiment with different types of questions (and how to formulate them).

This webinar is also open for non-teaching staff. All EUR-staff can participate for free. Click here to sign up!


15 June 202311:00 - 12:00

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