Professional development of lecturers

Customised training and coaching for developing online and blended education and for using Canvas, our new learning management system.

In the Community for Learning & Innovation we are working on:

  • Customised training and coaching
  • Sharing knowledge about Canvas, our learning management system, and using it to its full potential

Training and coaching

In addition to the standard programmes, the Community of Learning & Innovation, in collaboration with the faculties and faculty innovation teams, is developing customised didactical training and coaching courses. In every programme, lecturers will immediately start working on improving their own education and will exchange knowledge regarding their approach with other lecturers.

The trainings are for both novice lecturers (tutors, teaching assistants and PhD students) and for lecturers with extensive experience.


MicroLabs are short how-to modules about specific educational issues lasting two to four hours. Each MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear result. After an online preparation (and qualification), in the MicroLab, the lecturer will work on their own education material. The MicroLabs are developed in cooperation with research and training institute Risbo. More information about the MicroLabs we're currently offering can be found on MyEUR

Canvas, Learning Management System

Canvas, our Learning Management System Starting in the 2017/2018 academic year, we began with the implementation of Canvas, our new Learning Management System for Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Canvas provides you with everything you need as a lecturer or a student. Canvas is a ‘learning centred’ system; this means the focus is on the learning process and the students’ learning community.

You can turn to the Community for Learning & Innovation for support and inspiration to learn how to use Canvas to its full potential.