Getting to campus in a sustainable way
Sustainable mobility of students and employees

Sustainable Mobility

Since mobility is responsible for more than 80% of our CO2 emissions, Erasmus University Rotterdam works hard to make the mobility of her employees and students more sustainble. The EUR encourages employees and students, by means of a sustainable mobility policy, to make consciously, informed and preferably sustainable transportation choices. The current mobility policy ran from 2012 to 2015, but is prolonged to 2018. The ambition of this policy is to achieve a reduction of employees and students that travel by car, whereby the usage of sustainable transport modes (i.e. public transport, bike and walking) would increase.

Sustainable commuting

Currently the following actions are undertaken to make sustainable commuting more attractive:

  • free personal travel advice: employees can get tailored advice on various transport modes and the corresponding costs (car, public transport, bicycle or combination);
  • an attractive public transport scheme: employees get up to € 3.000 (based on full-time employment) reimbursed;
  • ‘experience the public transport’: employees can try public transport for a one month period for free;
  • electric vehicle charging points in the bicycle parking for e-bike/e-scooter;
  • 8 electric charging points for electric cars in the car park;
  • charging point for your public transport card (OV-chip) on campus;
  • bicycle reimbursement: once every five years, employees can receive a reimbursement to purchase a bicycle, e-bike or e-scooter;
  • new bicycle parking: in recent years both the under and above ground capacity is expanded;
  • paid parking (employees: €2,50 per day / students/visitors: €0,50 per 20 minutes, maximum €10,00 per day).