International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research
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The procedure

The application procedure for the Econometrics programme consists of several steps:

  1. Handling fee (students seeking admission on basis of a Dutch VWO diploma or HBO Propaedeutic diploma are exempted)
  2. Assemble your application documents
  3. Register in Studielink
  4. Submit your application in the EUR Application Portal

Submitting your application is possible from 1 November 2023 until 1 April / 1 May 2024. The 1 April deadline applies to students who apply with a non-EEA passport. The 1 May deadline applies to all other students.

Please note: only registering in Studielink before the application deadline is not a valid application. You will also need to pay the handling fee and submit your application documents in the EUR Application Portal before the deadline of 1 April/ 1 May. The application portal will close on 1 May, so students who apply in Studielink after the application deadline will not be directed to the portal anymore and are therefore not able to complete their application to the programme.

Any documents or additional information presented after the application deadline, will not be considered. This means it is your responsibility to make sure your documents meet the admission and application requirements before the indicated deadline. Should your documents not meet the criteria when the deadline has passed, this can result in a withdrawal of your application. Make sure to have all required application documents available well in time. For students already living in the Netherlands this includes your DigiD login details for creating an account in Studielink.

Important information for study switchers

  • We do not offer any transfer possibilities due to our Binding Study Advice regulation. All students are only accepted in year 2 of the programme when all 60 credits (EC) in bachelor year 1 are obtained. You are welcome to apply to the first year of our programme by following the regular application procedure.
  • Students studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam, who would like to switch to the Econometrics programme the next academic year, need to follow the regular application procedure with deadline 1 May. We do not offer a possibility to submit a late application for those students who wish to switch studies in the summer.

Application closed

The deadline to apply for academic year 2024-2025 has passed. At this moment in time it is not possible to submit an application anymore in the EUR Admissions Portal. No exemptions are made on this deadline. Next possibility to apply will be for the academic year 2025-2026.

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