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International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research
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Analytics and Operations Research In Logistics

This programme specialisation brings out the experts in logistics, supply chain management and workforce optimisation.
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Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing

This challenging programme teaches you how to use the most appropriate quantitative methods when solving business problems and conducting research.
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Econometrics provides you with in-depth knowledge of econometric theory and skills to use quantitative techniques and empirical econometric analysis.
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Quantitative Finance

This master covers all main areas in finance focusing on the econometric methods and skills that provide quantitative support in financial decision-making.
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Research Master Business Data Science

A research master aiming to train future PhD students, with a strong focus on data science and at a higher theoretical level than traditional master programmes.
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Research Master in Economics

The Tinbergen Institute research master is a joint degree programme offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit.
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We can safely say that being an Econometrics graduate from Rotterdam opens career doors everywhere. During your study you will already notice that there are many internships available.

After your study investment banks, insurance companies and asset management companies gladly welcome you. If marketing is your field, there are plenty of marketing research and consultancy firms or multinationals like Unilever or Procter & Gamble to start your career. Central Banks (the ECB in Frankfurt, the German Bundesbank, the Dutch Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve) but also international consultants (PwC, EY, BCG) are keen on econometricians.

Are you a logistics and operations research specialist? Just think about the airlines, transport authorities or oil companies. In addition, government agencies like the treasury department, or international organisations like the OECD or IMF always need econometricians.

You may be involved in developing a model that allows an asset manager to exploit market anomalies, conduct a what-if-analysis regarding the effects of new government policies or develop algorithms for airlines and transportation companies to manage their timetables.

In summary: your Econometrics and Operations Research degree will take you anywhere you want to go and allows you to have a genuine impact.

A recent Dutch study showed that eighteen months after graduation the average salary of an econometrist is second only to that of a dentist. This is because most econometrists find a job immediately (they often receive multiple offers) and the starting salaries are relatively high.

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