Continuing master programmes

International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research

Most students who complete a bachelor degree in Econometrics and Operations Research continue their studies by pursuing the master degree programme Econometrics and Management Science.

MSc in Econometrics and Management Science

This one year master programme combines a solid scientific basis and sharp insights with everyday practice. The master helps broaden your knowledge base and develop specific skills to solve complex business and social decision problems. The exact programme depends on the specialisation you choose.

These specialisations match the four majors in the bachelor programme. The master programme includes solving practical problems in supervised groups of four and the completion of a specialised econometric thesis. Most commonly, this thesis is combined with a business internship.

The specialisations of the Econometrics and Management Science master programme are:

Analytics and Operations Research In Logistics
Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing
Quantitative Finance

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