Liberal Arts & Sciences

Apply for Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences

Your application for admission to EUC starts in Studielink, a centralised online registration system for all Dutch universities. Before you start with your application, we highly recommend to have the following documents digitally available, as you will need them for your application:

  • A copy of the personal details page of your passport
  • If you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet: a copy of your overall grade list from last year AND a copy of the most recent grade list at the time of application AND a statement from your secondary school including the expected graduation date, the name of the diploma that you will obtain, and the exam subjects (your school may also fill out and sign a diploma statement)
  • If you have obtained your secondary school diploma: a copy of your diploma AND a copy of your final grade list
  • If applicable, the results of your English language proficiency test
  • Your motivation letter
  • Your curriculum vitae

NOTE: In Studielink select Erasmus University, then select the programme called “Liberal Arts & Sciences”.

After you have completed the Studielink part, you will receive the login details to our application portal. Please check your spam folder for this, as sometimes they end up in spam. In the application portal you will need to upload various documents to complete your application. Complete applications that meet our minimum requirements for admission will be reviewed for admission to the programme.

If your application does not meet our requirements you will be contacted by our selection officer regarding additional possibilities to improve your application (if this is possible).

Approved candidates will be invited for an online or in person interview.