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At EUC, you have the freedom to tailor your education to your interests and ambitions. The four departments—Economics & Business, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Social & Behavioural Sciences—provide you with a range of options for your major, minor, and elective courses. With a diverse and flexible programme, you can customise your academic journey to suit your individual needs and aspirations.


Students at Erasmus University College (EUC) study three years to graduate for their Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. During those three years you will take both mandatory Academic Core (ACC) courses to give you a solid foundation in knowledge and skills as well as declare a Major, while keeping a lot of choice available to yourself. As such the path that each of our students follows in our curriculum will most likely be different to some extent.

Year 1:

  • Academic Core: Nine courses introducing various fields of study and skills development in academic skills,methodology, and research design.
  • Electives: Three courses to explore your interests, some of which are required for specific majors in year 2.
  • Personal Development Track (PDT): Full-year programme focusing on study and personal skills, mentorship, and peer-guidance.
  • Basestone Project: A foundational academic course equipping you with the skills and knowledge to develop your Bachelor thesis in year 3.
  • Major Declaration: At the end of the first year, you declare a major from a list of available options.

Years 2 & 3:

  • Majors: Choose from majors in Economics & Business, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Social & Behavioural, Sciences, as well as interdepartmental majors, for in-depth exploration of your chosen field.
  • Electives: Select additional courses to gain insights from fields outside your major and tailor your curriculum to match your interests.
  • Minor Option: Combine your Major with one or more Minors! EUC offers a range of 18 different internal Minors composed of six individual EUC courses. You can also take a Minor at another faculty of Erasmus University, Leiden University, or TU Delft.
  • Study Abroad Option: In the first semester of the third year, you have the opportunity to study abroad at one of over 40 partner universities worldwide.
  • Capstone Project: In the final year, complete a capstone project (Bachelor thesis) demonstrating mastery of a specific topic related to your major

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