How can we prevent dementia?

Dementia is no longer an illness that knows no cure. Research has shown that it can be predicted, and even prevented. At universities we research how, and for that we need your support.

Preventing dementia

Alzheimer Nederland predicts that in 2040, over half a million Dutch people will suffer from dementia. In reality, however, it shows that the relative number of cases is increasing at a lower pace than expected. Also, we now know that the risk of getting dementia can decrease by 30% by living a healthy lifestyle and that the individual risk of dementia can be predicted quite precisely.

Vrouw die de hand van een dementiepatiƫnt vastpakt

Predicting and preventing

The goal of this research is to better predict dementia, and know how we can prevent the disease from happening. Researcher prof. dr. Arfan Ikram wants to develop a method that helps GP's judge whether their patients show symptoms of dementia. Methods like this are often used for other chronic diseases, like heart disease, but not for dementia.

Professor Arfan Ikram on dementia

Arfan Ikram

Hoogleraar Arfan Ikram over dementie

By using the academic knowledge in this research in a clinical setting, it can help to make dementia prevention a standard element in the medical consultation. By studying lifestyle-related factors, this research can help decrease the risk of dementia development in patients.

Help to prevent dementia

Do you want to live in a future where fewer people suffer from dementia? Support prof. dr. Arfan Ikram's research and make an impact today. The donations for this campaign are processed by Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds. Thank you in advance.

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