Intake restriction and decentralised selection

The central lottery system will no longer be used from academic year 2017-2018. The selection of students has now been decentralised, which means that the educational institutions organise this themselves.

Study programmes for which the educational institution uses selection

Study programme

Maximum number of places



Econometrics/Economics (BSc2)




International Business Administration (IBA)


International Bachelor of Arts and Culture Studies (IBACS)


International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCOM)


International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (IBEB)


International Bachelor History


International Bachelor in Psychology


Clinical Technology


Liberal Arts & Sciences


Management of International Social Challenges




Discontinuation of lottery system

From academic year 2017-2018, universities of applied science and universities will use a selection process to select students for study programmes with an intake restriction. This is known as decentralised selection. This means that, as well as considering prospective student’s average final examination grade, the university also considers motivation, personality and other school performance. This increases the likelihood that the right student ends up in the right place.

Maximum of two selection programmes

You can choose to register for up to two study programmes with decentralised selection per academic year. You can register twice for the same study programme at two different educational institutions. Medicine is an exception to this rule. For medicine, you are limited to selecting one university. 

How often can you participate?

How often you can participate in the decentralised selection differs per study programme. You can only participate up to a maximum of three times, but some programmes adhere to a maximum of one or two. If you already participated in the central lottery system prior to 2017, this counts as participation.

Registration for academic year 2018-2019

You can register via Studielink from 1 October 2018*. The final registration date for programmes that use this selection is 15 January 2019*. The educational institutions start their selection procedure after this point. If there are fewer registrations than available places, no selection will take place.


The result of the decentralised selection will be announced on 15 April 2019. You will receive the result via Studielink.

* The above-stated dates are based on academic year 2018-2019 and are subject to possible amendments by the government.