• FAQ's about the subject 'Lessons'

    Lessons are two hours per week and take place from 17:00-19:00 or 19:00-21:00. A trimester runs for 10 weeks. The exact schedule will be made available on our website before subscriptions open. 

    For the upcoming academic year (2017/2018) we have trimesters starting in October, January and April. Exact dates will be communicated before subscriptions open.

    Classes take place on the Woudestein Campus of the Erasmus University. You will be informed of the exact location before the start of your first lesson.

    To be able to maintain a same level within our classes, it is not possible to show up to less than 70%, even if you know upfront. Please note that if you fail to attend at least 7 lessons, you will be removed from the course and will not be able to register for an ELS course in the future.

    We advise you to check the explanation of the bases on our website. There you can also find an overview of the subjects for each base. 

    No, you do not have to take an entrance exam. Make sure to choose a base that suits your language proficiency.

    Generally, there is no mandatory homework nor preparations for the lessons. However, some coaches may ask you to revise the material of the previous week or prepare a small exercise for the upcoming week. This is mostly to increase the speed with which you learn the language. For the same reason, we do encourage people to also spend time on learning the language outside of the classroom.

  • FAQ's about the subject 'Subscription / Payment'

    Due to our collaboration with the Erasmus University and Language & Training Centre, our lessons are only and solely for current EUR students. 

    You can only pay for one of our lessons by using a Dutch bank account for the payment. Therefore, we do not accept cash payments or the transfer of the money. We advise you to find a friend that is willing to pay for you while using your own ERNA account. 

    We maintain a minimum amount of 5 people per class in order for it to take place. If you have signed up but the course will not take place, you are informed before the start of the trimester and will receive a refund. 

  • FAQ's about the subject 'Switching / Cancellations'

    Write an e-mail to els@eur.nl to ask whether it is possible to move to a different day or to receive a refund (see our cancellation policy).

    You will only receive a refund up until the first week of the trimester. 

    If you wish to receive a refund, write an e-mail to els@eur.nl within the first week that your lessons have started. After the first week, we cannot offer you a refund anymore.

  • FAQ's about the subject 'Material'

    Subscription for a trimester costs 49 euro. This includes the teaching material.

    No, our teaching material is included in the 49 euro. Your coach will send you the material before the start of the lessons via the email account that you used for subscribing.

  • FAQ's about the subject 'Events'

    Every trimester ELS organizes a Language Café to give the students an opportunity to practice and share their culture in an informal setting. Whether you are taking a course or not, the event is free for everyone who would like to join us and gather with like-minded students. Events are published on our Facebook and Instagram, so stay tuned!

    No, our cultural events are in addition to the classes so that you also get to experience a culture. Attending is also a great way of socializing with like-minded students.

    If you have an idea for a cultural event, you are welcome to contact us and share it! We are always open to hear about new ways of bringing students together.

  • FAQ's about the subject 'Coaches'

    When we are looking for new coaches we post a vacancy on our website and Facebook page.

    In the first place, being a coach should be out of interest and enthusiasm. On top of that, you will receive financial compensation, which is a fixed amount per trimester.

    You are expected to teach and prepare 10 lessons of 2 hours. In addition, you are expected to share your enthusiasm for ELS, by regularly attending cultural events and promoting our lessons.

  • FAQ's about the subject 'The organization'

    The main difference is that the LTC offers accredited courses, whereas ELS does not. As a result, the focus and scope of the courses also differ. Along with learning grammar and vocabulary, ELS students will also experience the culture of the language they are learning. This goal will be achieved through songs, typical games, traditions, customs and even culinary experiences. Our coaches are not professionals, but Erasmus University students who are native speakers in the language that they teach.