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General questions

Our language courses start three times a year. In September, January & May. The courses are 10 weeks long. Every year we also offer BATCH courses. These are 20 weeks long and cover two levels. The BATCH courses only start in January.

You can register for a course, intake, assessment or workshop via our webshop in Osiris. You can log in with your student ERNA or create one if you don't have one yet. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation of how to register via Osiris.

Please note: for an intake it is sometimes also required to make an appointment for a time slot. This can be done via the link on the intake page.



How to register

LTC | How to register for a course

When a course is offered online, the lessons and the exam are also online via Zoom. The exam takes place in Canvas.

When a course is physically offered, the lessons take place on campus Woudestein. The exact location on campus will  be specified when the course starts.

It says clearly on each course page who may participate. Most courses are open to everyone. If you have an academic background, you can participate in a course as an external. It is possible that a reduced rate applies if you are a student or EUR employee.

A maximum of 16 people can register per group. For online groups, this is a maximum of 15.

Example: An Italian A1 course has two groups, online and offline. So 31 people can participate in the course. On campus 16 people and online 15.

Please note: A course can be full before the deadline has passed! A popular course is sometimes full after a few days.

While following a course, you can already register for the follow-up level in the next period. Even if the result of the exam is not yet certain. Has the deadline passed and you need to cancel? Then you always get your money back.

With less than 12 registrations, the LTC has the right to cancel a course. You will be informed about this and you will receive a refund.

This can be done up to the registration deadline. Then you will be refunded. After the deadline, refunds are unfortunately no longer possible.

An intake (short conversation) determines which course you can enroll in. An assessment consists of an oral and a written test. After an assessment you will receive a level statement.

You can do intakes for Dutch, English and Spanish. You need an intake at all levels higher than A1. With the outcome of the intake we can decide which course at a higher level is  suitable for you. Intakes take place several times throughout the year.

The result of an intake remains valid for one year.

If you did not pass the course due to one unsatisfactory mark, you have the option to retake that part of the exam in the next exam period. You may retake an element once. If you have two or more fail marks, it is not possible to resit. In that case you have to do the course again.

  • This only applies to Dutch. You cannot resit listening tests or oral tests for other languages.
  • You can request a resit via

Attendance is not mandatory, but recommended. If you follow a course for an elective, attendance is required by the faculty.

At ELS the courses are taught by students, at LTC by qualified teachers. The courses at LTC are also concluded with an exam and an official certificate.

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