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In addition to the general terms and conditions of the Language & Training Centre (LTC), please find below some important requirements in response to your registration for one of our courses.

If you have to miss a lesson, you should notify the teacher by email (this address will be announced during the first lesson). Attendance is not compulsory, but advisable. To be well-prepared for your final exam, we advise you to come to as many classes as possible. Please note: the last class consists of an oral test and a listening test. In order to pass a language course, you should be present on that particular day.

  • Please be on time, also after the break.
  • You need to be fully visible on screen during lessons and (part) exams (what we mean by this is not to use a ‘screen freeze’ photo or black screen).
  • Standard procedure as a participant is to ‘mute’ unless you are exempt and have special permission from the teacher. You may only unmute with approval from the teacher.
  • During the online lesson you are a guest in the EUR learning environment and should act and present yourself accordingly.
  • In case of misbehavior, the participant will receive a written warning; if misbehavior continues removal from the course will ensue.
  • The Zoom lessons won’t be recorded.

The cancellation of your registration for an intake, assessment, language course or training is free of charge until the enrolment deadline. Please take a look which enrolment deadline is applicable to you, via ‘Good to know’ on the relevant webpage. The full course fee will be refunded within three weeks.
In case of cancellation, please send an email to

If you cancel your registration after the enrolment deadline has passed, no refund can be given, unfortunately. Please contact us concerning your cancellation via email to

After the enrolment deadline, the LTC decides which courses have enough participants and can go ahead. Courses may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not reached. The required number of participants per course or training can be found on the relevant webpage, under ‘Good to know’. We will inform you as soon as possible after the deadline. The amount paid will be automatically refunded to your bank account within 3 weeks. Please note that the refund will be done to the same bank account number used to pay the course fee.

You will receive a certificate if you have passed the course with a 5.5 or higher or with a 'pass' for all subjects. An email will be sent to you through OSIRIS with your certificate. The certificate is valid for one year and can be used to access the next available course level. 

We aim to confirm your course no later than one week before the starting date.  We will get in touch via email and will use the email address you entered during the registration via the webshop or on the registration form. The sender is always Please note that our email can end up in your Spam box.

For most courses, the course fee does not include any course materials. If it is included it will be clearly stated on the relevant webpage. You are obliged to buy the advised material before the start of the course or training course (the needed material will be mentioned in the confirmation letter which you will receive via email).

Please note that the final exam of a language course takes place in a separate session, or the so called 11th week. This date is a predetermined date and can be found in the course schedule on the relevant webpage.

All courses taught at the Language & Training Centre are monolingual. This means that, for example, a Spanish course is taught completely in Spanish, even during the beginners courses. Although this may be very difficult for some participants, research has shown us that this is the best way for you to learn a language. However, should you really have a problem with understanding explanation of grammar issues or the meaning of a word; the teacher can give an explanation or translation into English. Therefore, all participants need to have a good knowledge of the English language.

You are able to pay via iDeal, Creditcard, Bancotact and Paypal in our web shop.

An intake English costs € 55,- and is valid for a period of one year. If you participate in a language course within a year, 50 % of the intake costs (€ 27,50) will be refunded within 3 weeks after your course has started.

An assessment English costs € 95,- and is valid for a period of one year. If you participate in a language course within a year, 50 % of the intake costs (€ 47,50) will be refunded within 3 weeks after your course has started.

You need to request a re-sit exam through the office of the Language & Training Centre.

If you fail the course with one fail, you will have the opportunity to re-sit that part of the exam in the next exam period. It is only possible to take a re-sit once. You can only take a re-sit of the part you failed. If you have two or more fails it is not possible to take a re-sit. In that case you have to retake the course. The costs for the different parts or the re-sit are as follows:

  • Writing: € 35
  • Reading: € 35
  • Listening: € 35
  • Oral: € 35

All other languages
Should you fail your course (total grade lower than 5.5) or are you unable to attend your exam date, you may take a re-sit exam during the exam of the next course period if you meet the following requirements:

  • You can only take the re-sit exam once. 
  • You cannot retake listening or oral tests, only the final written test. 

The costs of a re-sit are € 50,-

The Language & Training Centre is authorised to substitute a teacher or trainer at all times in case of illness or other urgent reasons.

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