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Cover photo - Erasmus Language Sharing - 2019

To put it simply: a coach is a teacher at ELS. Our coaches are enthusiastic students of the Erasmus University who love to share their native language and culture with other students. They are not officially certified teachers. However, their enthusiasm, intrinsic motivation, prior tutoring or teaching experiences, and a kick start coach training make sure they can provide quality lessons.  Another great element to sharing is that is not just the students who learn more. Students also actively share their language, culture, and experiences. In this way, our classes are and remain interactive.

Our students, both teaching and learning, make ELS what it is! Therefore, we only want enthusiastic coaches with an intrinsic motivation to share their cultural and language knowledge with others. In the end, our classes are not only about gaining knowledge, it has to be an enjoyable process as well. For that reason, we only recruit enthusiastic and social registered EUR students who have it in them to make their classes worth it. Preferably, our coaches have prior teaching or tutoring experiences and an intrinsic motivation to learn and share languages and cultural knowledge. In other words, you don’t need to speak five different languages. As long as you very much enjoy learning (at least) one because you have a profound interest for it, we’d love to talk to you!

When we are looking for new coaches we will post the vacancy on our Instagram and Facebook. Those subscribed to our newsletter will also get an update on vacancies!

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