We have three trimesters, starting in September, January, and April. The registration periods usually last about ten days. The exact dates of the registration period are communicated on our Facebook page. During registration periods, follow this link in order to sign up to your preferred class(es). 

Through our webshop you can only pay with an iDeal account. As we know that not every (international) student has an iDeal account, we offer three solutions for registering:

  1. If you have an iDeal account yourself, just follow the steps in the webshop to get registered.
  2. If you do not have an iDeal account, we advise you to ask someone who does have an iDeal account to pay using theirs. Simply follow the steps in the webshop and fill out your own personal details.
  3. We also give students the opportunity to stop by our office after the webshop has closed to come in and pay in cash. It is only possible to sign up for classes that still have spots available. Note that it is not possible to reserve a spot for cash payments. On our Facebook page we inform you about the exact time and day for cash payments. Usually this is the day after the webshop closes.

What happens after registration?
After you are registered, you’ll receive an email from us with a confirmation that you have paid. This is usually within 3-4 working days after the webshop closes. In this email, you’ll be informed that you have registered successfully and will be provided with information on when and where your classes will take place. Another email will come from your coach, with any additional information about the class, teaching material, and potential preparations for the first session.

What to do in case you have not received any emails?
If you have paid successfully, please send us an email. Attach a screenshot of the money being deducted from your bank account to an email including your name, student number, and the class you have signed up for to Note that we are a student-run organization and do our best to inform everyone as soon as we can. Therefore, please only send us questions about your registration if you have not received a confirmation from us the weekend before your classes start.

It does not happen often, but if the money has not been deducted from your bank account you are not registered successfully. You can still send us an email asking whether there are still spots available, but if a class is full there is not much that we can do for you for that trimester. Worry not, we always have three trimesters each academic year so you can sign up for another trimester during the next registration period.