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The education of Erasmus University has a global top-100 ranking and we guarantee high class quality courses on topics we are leading in. Following a MOOC of Erasmus University Rotterdam will boost your studies or professional career.

MOOC Reputation crisis: Facebook meets Cambridge Analytica

MOOC Effective Engagement of Civil Society in Development

Engaged with Society

MOOC Cybersecurity in Healthcare (Hospitals & Care Centres)

Principles of Sustainable Finance

Enjoyable Econometrics

Earth Economics

Driving business towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Econometrics: Methods and Applications

Cross-border road transport in EU law context

Advanced Valuation and Strategy - M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

Mind of the Universe: Science in Progress

Hovo cursus Einstein

The Politics of Skepticism

Introduction to Economic Theories

A Business Approach to Sustainable Landscape Restoration

Innovation Management

Local Economic Development

Local Economic Development

Planning for Climate Change in African Cities

Financing Infrastructure in African Cities

African Cities

Assessment in Higher Education

Science Literacy

Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Serious Gaming

MOOC Serious Gaming

MOOC Serious Gaming

MOOC Serious gaming

MOOC: Planning for Climate Change in African Cities

MOOC digital governance

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123 results

  • Organisational Change

    Learn about change and development applied to organisations, groups and individuals, and explore how theoretical perspectives are reflected in a range of…
  • Co-creation and Stakeholder Engagement

    How can organisations use co-creation to strengthen relationships with stakeholder groups? 
  • Employee Communication

    Understand strategies and principles of effective employee communication.
  • Beyond HR People, Culture and Transformation

    Re-think where value comes from. Shape the future of organisational culture. Elevate your role as an HR leader.
  • Purpose, Leadership and Communication

    How do you create and define an impactful purpose for your organization? One that speaks to and adds values for all your organisation’s stakeholders.
  • Analysis and Valuation of Digital Business Models

    Learn the approaches and indicators on how to identify which direction a digital business is headed with this one-day course.
  • Winter Course in Corporate Communication

    Explore the key themes of corporate communication, the latest academic developments, strategic frameworks and proven methodologies with well-known academia and…
  • Crisis Communication

    Investigate all aspects of crisis communication for managers. You will learn specific tools on how to deal with employees, customers and the media to apply…
  • Corporate Branding

    Learn how to lead the building process for a strong and enduring corporate brand that gives focus to the entire organisation, and aligns its diverse…
  • Navigating the New Media Landscape

    Learn to identify strategies appropriate to mainstream media, stakeholder-driven media, social media and fake news in this three-day masterclass.

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