Opening a Dutch bank account

As an international student at Erasmus University Rotterdam, opening a Dutch bank account might come in handy. Sometimes your own bank account from your home country won't suffice. You need a Dutch bank account for the following situations:

  • If you want to activate automatic monthly payments of your tuition fee;
    (Please note: a different payment procedure applies for NON-EEA students, who have to apply for an entry visa and/or residence permit.) 

  • If you want to get an phone plan where you fulfill the payment per month;
  • or if you want your immigration deposit to get reimbursed.

Opening a Dutch bank account can be done at several banks. The three most well-known banks are ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. Below you can find information about opening a bank account at each bank. For more information about the banks, please click on the links in the left column or visit them at the One Stop Shop during the orientation programmes, if they are present.

(Opening a bank account at the One Stop Shop is not applicable to International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) students. You’ll be informed by ISS staff on this matter.)

Dutch banks

 ABN AMRORabobankINGBunqN26
BSN requiredyesyes

Not needed, only if you are already residing on a living address in the Netherlands that allows you to register. In this case, ING will ask for your Dutch living address and your BSN. If not applicable (yet) you should provide either:

  • A TIN code from your homeland, or;
  • A proof of educational enrollment and a living address in your homeland.

Only after 3 months
(Accepted documents for identification are: 
Dutch driver’s license, European ID cards, all passports, residence permit for the Netherlands only).

Bunq does not accept foreign drivers licenses

Min. stay prior application6 months6 months Nothing 
Dutch living address required? NoNoNoAn address within the EEA is requiredNo
Only fulltimeYes YesNo 
Proof of enrolmentYesYesOnly in the case that you don’t have a Dutch living address and BSNNo 
Take out

@ Branch on appointment:

0900 - 81 70

@ Branch on appointment:

088 722 66 00
@ Branch on appointment via their websiteOnline or @ OSSSmartphone app & website
Account ActivationImmediatelyImmediatelyImmediatelyImmediately5 working days
Bank Card3-4 working days3-5 working daysMax. 5 working daysImmediately on OSS2 weeks per post
Monthly Fee1,55Free, extra fee for credit cardFree

Only credit card = free

€7,99 with maestro/master card

FREE < 5 ATM withdrawals per calendar month
English serviceyes yesyesyes

*<18? Read the below!

  • Then please read this carefully: 

    ABN AMRO: 

    In the case of applicants who are minors, ABN AMRO will need proof of identity from at least one legal guardian or representative; if a minor has his or her own proof of identity, they should be able to submit this. Superiors must also bring with them official evidence that they are entitled to represent the minor as their legal guardian or representative, e.g. registration of the minor in the legal guardian's passport, a recent extract from the register of births (geboorteregister), a recent extract from the register of guardianship (voogdijregister) or a court order.


    • Minors need to visit the office of ING with a parent/guardian;
    • The adult needs to show an identity document. This need not be a Dutch identity document, neither should the adult have a Dutch living address;
    • In addition: the student needs to bring a proof of enrolment in an educational program;
    • What is requested to show moreover is a verified postal address in the Netherlands for correspondence; the student’s living address will do.


    Experience shows that local officers are unfamiliar with the legal requirements for opening bank accounts for (minor) internationals. In case you get rejected during application, please call the service line using number 0031202288888 and have them explain the local officer about the legal terms and conditions applicable.


    Minors can easily open their own account as long as they have the approval of their parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian has to have a Bunq personal account. This way we can verify his/her identity and confirm that he/she is the legal guardian of the minor. While completing your profile, you will be reminded that the minor needs approval from a legal guardian at the end of the registration process.


    Although during your online registration you will learn that you, also at N26, you have to be over 18 to apply for a debit card, it is possible for your parents/guardians to apply for this card on your behalf. Whereas they will still be the official card owners (i.e.: their identity card or passport will be linked to the product), you can manage the card as a transaction tool. 


    At Rabobank, minors may open a bank account providing that:

    • During an appointment for application at the bank office, they can hand over a proof of residing at a Dutch living address; a proof of enrollment and (for non-EU citizens) a letter stating a residence permits has been requested;
    • Their parent/guardian is able to hand over a BSN number. For a person not residing in the Netherlands, it is also possible to obtain a Citizen Service Number (BSN). Your parent/guardian should apply for the registration of non-residents. Following the procedures, your parent/guardian will be recorded as a non-resident in the Municipal Personal Records Database (RNI).
ABN AMRO at One Stop Shop

Photo: ABN AMRO during the One Stop Shop on campus.

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What to expect?

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Overall there are no huge differences between the 5 mentioned banks. Nevertheless, the banks do differ in some ways. Some examples:

    • ABN AMRO provides all communication in English, in contrary to the other banks; 
    • On the other hand, ING Bank is able to provide you with a temporary card way faster;
    • Triodos bank is focusing more on sustainability and less on profit; 
    • With Bunq’s Premium membership you get a choice of 3 cards (Maestro and/or Mastercard). The app is available in Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish and English. And real-time support is available in English. Since the last update Bunq added products especially for internationals: TransferWise in the app: 8 times cheaper international payments. Or ZeroFX: save up to 3% when using your card for other currencies. 

    As you can see: each bank has its own pros and cons. So what to choose then? Pick a bank either close to your accommodation (so it's easier to visit the bank during office hours) or choose a bank where registration is made quite easy, like registering on campus during the One Stop Shop.