Work while you study

Looking to gain work experience through a part-time job or internship during your studies in Rotterdam? We love the initiative to work on your career. You’ll boost your CV, while learning more about Dutch society and earning extra money.
However, as an international student your position is different than that from Dutch students.

Pro-tip: do not rely on the income of a side-job to cover your studies and living expenses.
Before coming here to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), make a financial budget plan.

Mainly, as an international student you should be prepared for:

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Dutch language

Win-win: integrate into society + find a job more easily. 

Learn Dutch!

Non-EU/EEA students

Non-EU student? Specific rules apply to your situation.

What to do?

Start looking

How and where to find a job or an internship?

Tips + vacancies

What to arrange

Don’t forget: bank account, insurance, taxes, etc.

Not sexy, still important!

Attention, employers!

Are you hiring an international student?

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