Safe introduction period

Erasmus Beeld

In the introduction period, new members of an association get to know each other and the association. University and student associations strive together to ensure the safety of the participants.

In principle, the associations are fully responsible for the introduction period and therefore for minimizing risks during that period. Student associations are independent social legal entities. As most of their members study at our university, the activities of these clubs reflect on the university's image.

Along with the university and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the associations have drawn up a code of conduct. That code describes the norms and values that apply during the introduction period. This gives the associations and their members a clear framework for behaviour during the introduction period.

The university and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have a joint committee consisting of five members.

That committee consults the student associations at least twice a year. Every year in May and November. The aim is to alert the associations to their responsibility and the possible psychological and physical risks of the introduction period for the participants. During these meetings, the focus points drawn up by the committee are discussed.

The committee reaches agreement with the associations about access to the planning, attending compulsory training for representatives of the associations and afterwards access to the medical logbook and the reflection on the logbook to apply changes in the next introduction period.

The committee also promotes the exchange of ‘best practices’ between the student associations.

An additional task of the committee is to launch an investigation if anything goes wrong. The findings of the investigation are submitted to the Executive Board. Depending on the findings, the Executive Board decides on suitable measures. These may vary from a temporary suspension of one year to a full suspension for an indefinite period. Suspension means, among other things, that the university breaks links with the club and withdraws board membership grants.

Prof.dr. Wiep van Bunge, chairman
Bram Henssen, secretary



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