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Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) offers accommodation at the accommodation provider SSH for 550 of our yearly incoming international students. These rooms are reserved for first year international Bachelor, (Pre-)Master or Exchange students for the maximum rental period of 12 months. 

SSH will handle the whole process – from making a room reservation to payments. But certainly EUR is constantly in touch with SSH ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure the quality and services level remain high.

The registration at SSH for the academic year 2023-2024 opens on:

  • Monday 8 May 2023 at 12 PM CET

Your registration will be reviewed (see for more information the topic procedure) by Erasmus University Rotterdam. After approval you can book an accommodation starting:

  • Exchange students: Tuesday 30 May* at 12 PM (noon) CEST
  • Bachelor & (Pre) Master Students: Tuesday 30​​​​​​​ May* at 2 PM CEST

Between 8 and 30 May you cannot book a room yet, but you can orientate on the different rooms that we offer at  

*The bookings at SSH were supposed to take place on Monday 22 May, but due to a malfunction in the SSH booking system, this has now been postponed to Tuesday 30 May at the above times per target group.


You can register (for free) as of Monday 8 May 2023 at 12 PM CET through this website:
(Make sure to choose Short stay and not Long stay)

After registration at SSH the application for housing is automatically send to the contact persons of the faculty. They will verify your application and determine whether you are authorized to apply for accommodation from the housing offer reserved by the Erasmus University.

As soon as the status of your application is set to "Approved" you can make a reservation at one of the available accommodations.

After approval of your housing request at SSH you will have 7 days to reserve a suitable accommodation. If you don't booked a room within the 7 days, we will withdrawn your approval and changed your status to “not approved”.

If you still want to rent a room through SSH you have to make a new registration and you will be put on a waiting list.

Unfortunately each program at the Erasmus University Rotterdam can only approve a limited number of accounts. If your account is not approved by the faculty or the status of your registration has been changed to “on hold” instead of “for approval”, this means that there are no more rooms available for your program.

Even though you can still see rooms available, the faculty will not be able to approve your registration. The remaining available rooms are meant for other faculties at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. You will receive an email from the faculty when they are no longer able to approve your registration.

The rent for short stay accommodation for international students is in general always higher than rents Dutch students are paying. This is because you are renting fully furnished accommodation, including several extra services, available upon your arrival.

Prices for short stay accommodation range between € 500,- and € 825,- including services. You will find actual rental prices and what is included or not on the website of SSH as of Monday 8 May

Also SSH has fixed rental periods. For 2023 - 2024 those are:


  • 1 August 2023 – 31 July 2024 

Exchange (Fall semester):

  • 1 August 2023 – 31 December 2023 
  • 1 August 2023 - 31 January 2024 

The rental periods for the Spring Semester 2024 will be announced in October 2023

Before applying take note that you have to meet the following criteria:

  • you are going to start your first year at EUR;
  • you don't have the Dutch nationality;
  • You are new to the Netherlands, you have not completed your prior education in the Netherlands, and you currently live abroad;
  • you are (conditionally) accepted to your study programme;
  • you are not older than 30 years.

You can find the Terms & Conditions and the cancellation process of SSH on the following website:

Whereto should I send my cancellation request?
You can send your cancellation request directly to SSH using their email address:

F-building and Hatta building on Woudestein Campus

Location rooms

All SSH accommodation designated for short stay is located on Woudestein campus or within walking distance of campus.

  • The buildings F and Hatta are located on campus Woudestein

    • See pictures below of the rooms in Hatta building.
  • The other buildings are within walking distance (15 minutes) of the campus.

On the SSH website, you can check out the available accommodations. It goes without saying that if you’re late making a reservation, fewer options will be available.

Hatta building on Woudestein campus
  • F-building and Hatta building on Woudestein Campus

Terms of notification

Please be aware of the fact that short stay rooms are available through SSH on a fixed-rental agreement only, meaning that the tenancy cannot be terminated early. Look on the SSH website for the Terms & Conditions.

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