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Academic Advisors Erasmus MC

The academic advisors of Erasmus MC inform and advise on specific questions about your educational journey. We are there, so every student can have student success. The information on these pages is primarily meant for students of Medicine and the Research Masters.

Attention: Much information can be found on STiP or Canvas. Please read this information first before booking an appointment.

You can book an appointment with the academic advisor if:

  • you need someone to talk to or to spar with
  • you want a confidential conversation about your personal circumstances, for example if:
    • you or anyone in your family have health issues
    • you are you are not feeling well
    • you are dealing with a functional impairment
    • you are a long term caregiver
    • there are any other stressful situations that have a negative effect on your studies or your wellbeing

The academic advisor acts as an advisor to the Examination Board and the Program Director for students who want an exception to the rules. Therefore, it is important they are made aware of any personal circumstances that might negatively impact your academic performances. This will enable the academic advisors to give a well-constructed advice. The information you give them is confidential and will not be shared with anybody else without your permission.

For other questions, please see below.

Academic Advisors Erasmus MC

v.l.n.r.: Merel Molenaar, Lianne van der Giessen, Lonneke Hulst, Dorine Heijltjes



You can contact the academic advisors for appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Consultations with the academic advisor are confidential.

Appointments with the academic advisor can take place live, by phone or video call in Microsoft Teams. Please make your choice of academic advisor and type of appointment in the booking system. If more time than the planned time slot is needed, a double appointment can be booked or a follow up appointment will be scheduled with you.

The appointment with the academic advisor can be booked online. If you are unable to attend, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance via the button in the confirmation e-mail you received. This will allow a fellow student to use your freed up time slot. Non-attendance without prior notice or last minute cancellations will be registered.

N.B. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail of your booking, please check your spam folder. Please be aware that you will be called with an anonymous number if you have booked a telephone call.

Clinical interns (Coassistenten)

Clinical interns who are unable to attend a meeting at the times indicated in the appointment system can send an e-mail to requesting an alternative time slot. Please include in the e-mail a number of options for dates and times when you are available and on which telephone number you can be reached. One of the academic advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

Non-Dutch physicians

If the Ministry has advised you to complete additional internships in order to obtain your BIG registration, please send an e-mail to Please attach your resume and your (preliminary) CBVG ruling.

Other questions

For questions about study financing, ten-year terms etc. please contact the EUR student counsellor.

For questions about selection and admissions to the Bachelor and Master of Medicine, please consult this page (Dutch).

Please search for information on STiP on the following topics:

  • grades in Osiris or exams
  • studying abroad
  • scheduling
  • compensation

If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please reach out the Educational Service Centre or the coordinator of your Research Master.

The academic advisors can also be reached by e-mail:

These e-mail addresses are only meant for questions and not to make an appointment. Only messages from EUR student mail accounts ( will be processed. This obviously does not apply to people who are not registered at the EUR.

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