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You face important decisions at various points in your life. One of these is choosing a study. You may previously have chosen a programme, but was this the right choice? Perhaps you’d like to switch programme, or maybe you have to. Well, you’re not alone: at the end of the first academic year, some 35% of students change programme.

There can be all kinds of reasons why you want to switch.

  • Maybe the study you’re doing now doesn’t match your interests and requirements.
  • Perhaps the programme requirements don’t really match your capacities.
  • Maybe you don’t feel at home in your current programme.
  • Or... there could be numerous reasons why you don’t like your study.

Whatever the reason, making a new choice is sometimes easier said than done. Choosing a new programme requires you to do more than just complete a simple test. It demands a more active approach.

Finding a study that suits you

Steps to help you find a study that suits you are outlined below. In every phase, you’re given a number of tests, tips, assignments and questions. Once you’ve gone through the phases, you’ll be able to make a wise study choice.


Career test

and Choice of Study Test

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Study switch


Study switch


Study switch


Study switch

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