Studying caregivers

The Erasmus University, Rotterdam Campus

Are you an informal caregiver? Are you caring for a loved one? 
On this page we explain what help and support the university can offer. 

Studying caregivers

What is informal care (mantelzorg)?

Informal care is all the help you provide to a person that is close to you. This can be intensive help for, for example, a sick parent, brother or friend. However, informal care also includes less intensive help for, for example, a roommate. As a 'young caregiver' you (often unnoticed) keep several balls in the air at the same time; caring, school, work, friends, hobbies, sports, etc. You do this with pleasure, but it can sometimes be quite tough to combine everything.

Study advisors and student counsellors 

Students who are caregivers can contact their study advisor and the student counsellors to discuss possible options for adjustments to the study programme. Make an appointment to find out what the possibilities are.  


Walk-in workshops and community meetings are regularly organized for student caregivers. Something for you? More information via the Personal Support Hub (next to the Living Room).

Financial support

If there is a study delay due to care giving, financial compensation is sometimes possible (Profile Fund). Make an appointment with the student counselor to discuss the conditions and what is possible for you.

Helpful websites

On these pages you can find useful information for young care givers: 

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