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International Bachelor Communication and Media
IBCoM student on campus

After you have completed the International Bachelor in Communication and Media you have access to a wide range of master programmes in media and communication and other fields.

Master in media and communication

Many of our IBCoM graduates choose to continue with a master specialisation in media and communication, either at Erasmus University or at another university in the Netherlands or abroad. 

The Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University offers four international specialisations, and a Dutch-language specialisation that are all accessible for IBCoM graduates.

Talented students who are interested in an academic career can also continue with a two-year research master at Erasmus University:

Master in another field

The IBCoM programme is designed to permit flexible opportunities for advanced studies in particular fields of students’ own choosing beyond the field of media and communication. IBCoM graduates have been accepted at many different master programmes in the Netherlands and abroad and have successfully completed these programmes.

IBCoM students can get access to a variety of master programmes in other fields at Erasmus University by completing a substantial number of elective courses in the study area concerned as part of their bachelor. This holds among others for the following master specialisations in arts and culture studies, business administration, history, public administration and sociology:

There are several other international and Dutch language Master programmes at Erasmus University Rotterdam that are accessible to IBCoM graduates - check the EUR website to see what other Master programmes the EUR offers and the corresponding admission requirements.

Alumni about the connection between IBCoM and their master

"If your IBCoM focus areas are Communication and Business or Political Communication, you will definitely recognize some of the theories and viewpoints discussed in this Masters, especially during the first semester. Besides that, you will benefit from the extensive IBCoM quantitative and qualitative research methods courses."

Nadine Ottenbros, Master in Corporate Communications and Reputation Management, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

"The courses in IBCoM teach you a lot more than just media and communication. They teach you to take a step beyond the status quo and to think critically about developments we see in society. This line of thinking is something that proves to be very useful in this Master."

Anouk Roeling, Master in Sociology: Urban Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

"IBCoM is a very diverse programme that touches upon many different issues, which I encounter throughout my masters. Jürgen Habermas' public sphere is a great example of this (…) and the relation between language and thought. These theories from communication are discussed in-depth and combined with theories from social psychology, which is basically the study of how we think, feel and act in relationship to other people."

Robin van de Aar, Master in Social & Public Communication, London School of Economics

"There linkages between IBCoM and Marketing Management in terms of their content (information retention principles, consumer psychology, etc.), but in general IBCoM imbued me with a disciplined, structured approach to analysis and concept derivation, a mindset that served me well during my master and will undoubtedly be of use further down the line."

Deva Rao, Master in Marketing Management, Rotterdam School of Management


More experiences of IBCoM graduates

Would you like to learn more about the options for advanced study after IBCoM? Check out the alumni website.  

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