Student Psychologists

The team of student psychologists helps students with mild complaints of a psychological, social and/or emotional nature. When the student psychologists cannot provide the appropriate support, they refer to other internal and/or external help agencies.

The student psychologist is subject to professional confidentiality. Your data may only be shared if you give explicit permission. This sharing may be necessary in cases where the student psychologist needs to consult with fellow student psychologists about you or your treatment. With your registration we assume that you give permission for this.

Waiting times
Depending on how busy it is, our waiting times for an initial consultation may vary. We do our best to keep waiting times as short as possible. If you have made an appointment and it is no longer needed, please cancel it in a timely manner, so another student in need can take the spot. If the waiting time is too long for you, we advise you to seek help elsewhere. For example, contact your general practitioner or try whether there is room at Siggie, another form of support through Erasmus University.

Important! If your symptoms are so severe that you need help at short notice, we advise you to contact your GP immediately. If you do not have a G.P. already, we strongly advise you to register with one. You need a G.P. for a referral to any medical or mental health treatment. In the Netherlands you are required by law to have a health insurance.
A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) often provides insufficient coverage to receive proper mental health care. You can find more information concerning the EHIC here. Here you find more information on Health insurances.

Scheduling an appointment 
You can register for a consultation up to six weeks in advance. Is there no online or campus appointment available? This means all options are fully booked for the next six weeks. New appointment options are added every business day. If the current waiting time is too long given the severity of your symptoms, contact your GP.

Below you can make an appointment for a consultation with a student psychologist. You can choose between an appointment on campus or online (through MS Teams). To see availability, first select the appointment type of your choice under 'appointment type'. Wait times may vary for consultations online or on campus. For any follow-up consultations, you and the psychologist of your choice can decide together if any follow-up appointments will be held online or at campus.
Note! Please use your student email address when registering;
In your receipt you will read further instructions.

  • Prevention Resources: Engage in proactive measures to enhance your mental well-being by attending our mini-workshops and listening to our podcast focused on student well-being. 
  • Consultation meeting - Your problems, complaints, strengths and support query are discussed in order to decide together if and what further help is appropriate. Book you appointment immediately.
  • Groups and workshops - Prior to a group an intake interview can take place to see if the group fits your needs. Look for the offer of trainings and workshops on our agenda.
  • PhD psychologist - For students pursuing a PhD there is a separate psychologist. You can sign up for an intake interview. 

The EUR student psychologists

  • Profielfoto
    Ms. L.J. (Lucille) Mac Nack MSc (she, her)

    Working days: Mon, Tue and Fri

  • profielfoto
    Ms. M.J. (Marit) van Spillenaar Bilgen MSc (she, her)

    Working days: Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri (uneven weeks)

  • profielfoto
    Ms. A.M. (Jeannette) Selle MSc (she, her)

    Working days: Mon, Tue and Fri

  • Profielfoto
    Ms. A. (Alexandra) Serry MSc (she, her)

    Contact person prevention

    Working days: Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu

  • profielfoto
    Ms. N. (Naoual) Benaissa MSc (she, her)

    Working days: Mon, Tue and Fri

  • profielfoto
    Ms. Drs. P. (Paulien) Mak (she, her)

    Working days: Mon, Tue and Thu

  • Profielfoto
    Ms. S. (Sara) Borrelli (Prevention) (she, her)

    Contact person prevention

    Working days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

  • Mr. J. (Jeffrey) Jong Msc (he/him)

    Working days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs

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