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The Certificate of Recognition quickly demonstrates to potential employers that the alumnus was active in a wide range of activities during his or her studies. The university believes that the certificate should possess and retain its value in society. That is why various conditions apply to activities for which a Certificate of Recognition can be awarded. This means that the activity has to be in line with the university’s mission, vision and goals. In addition, the activity must require a substantial amount of effort (measured in time).

Recognition criteria

  1. The Certificate of Recognition is only issued to students who have graduated or who are about to graduate from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  2. The Certificate of Recognition is only issued in cases where the applicant has participated in one of the recognized activities. You can check the overview to see if your activity is included in this list.*
    Besides this list, students who have a professional sport status at Erasmus Sport are also eligible for the certificate.  
  3. The recognized activity must be carried out within the last five academic years (for the academic year 2018-2019 this would mean the academic year 2013-2014 at latest). For Medicine students the period has been set at seven years.
  4. The time the applicant spent on the activity in question must meet the relevant time criterion.**
    Board- and committee positions: minimum of 200 hours per academic year
    Committee positions in organizations that organize events that are recognized by the Erasmus University Rotterdam: minimum of 100 hours per academic year
    Erasmus Ambassadors, First Ambassadors and student members of the various Programme Committees or Faculty Councils: minimum of 100 hours per academic year
    Other types of community work: minimum of 100 hours per year
  5. Compensation for performing recognised activities may not exceed € 1,500 per year, with the exception of remuneration for board activities or students who have a status as a professional sports(wo)man.

*It is not possible to start an application procedure concerning activities that are not recognized.

** In order to check whether you have fulfilled the time requirement we ask you to download the verification form and have it filled in and signed by the current board of the organization. Submit this document with your application.

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