Follow all the subsequent steps carefully to make sure your request for a Certificate of Recognition is correct and complete:

  1. You have graduated or you are about to graduate on short notice from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is not possible to receive a Certificate of Recognition if you have not finished your studies yet.
  2. You have carried out a recognized activity or you have a status as a professional sports(wo)man at Erasmus Sport. When your activity or position is not included in the overview of recognized activities, it is necessary to start the procedure for this via the board of the organization for which you volunteered.
  3. You do not have any plans to carry out more recognized activities at a later time. The Certificate of Recognition is an official document which is only given out once per student.
  4. You have accurately carried out the activity. This will be checked by means of the verification form, filled in and signed by the chairman of the organization for which you carried out the activity.
  5. As soon as you have completed all the above mentioned steps, you can fill in the request form (download link at the bottom of this page).
  6. You can send the request form together with the verification form to the secretary of the Certificate of Recognition.

Please follow all these steps. Most requests are denied because they do not contain a verification form or include a non-recognized activity.

Is anything unclear or do you have another questions? Have a look at the FAQ or contact the secretary via the online contact form.