Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is an important representative body of Erasmus School of Philosophy. The Faculty Council discusses the general affairs of the faculty with the dean. The dean informs the Faculty Council about the policy s/he implements and regarding policy intentions for education, research, finances, personnel and organisation.

The Faculty Council has the right of approval, information and advice. The Faculty Council has the right of approval regarding determining and changing the faculty regulations, components of the education and examination regulations and in the event of a proposed reorganisation. The right to information means that the Faculty Council can request information at all times from the dean regarding policy and policy intentions. Finally, the right of advice gives the Faculty Council the authority to make proposals and viewpoints known regarding all affairs that concern the faculty.

Faculty Council composition

The Council comprises eight members, half of whom are selected from the staff and half of whom are students. The council meetings are public.

Staff representatives 


M. Westerveld MA 

D.C. van Putten MA


Prof.dr. F.A. Mullerf.a.muller@esphil.eur.nl
Prof.dr. J.J. Vromenvromen@esphil.eur.nl


Student Representatives 2020-2021 
A. Hoctin Boeshoctinboes@esphil.eur.nl
T. Matthijssenmatthijssen@esphil.eur.nl
T. Spoormakersspoormakers@esphil.eur.nl
F. Wijker (chair)wijker@esphil.eur.nl


Meeting schedule 2020-2021

  • Monday November 9th 2020
  • Monday January 11th 2021
  • Monday February 22nd 2021
  • Monday April 12th 2021
  • Monday May 17th 2021
  • Monday June 28th 2021
  • Monday August 23rd 2021

The meetings start at 11:00 hours, a preperatory meeting is held for members from 10:00 hours onwards. Employees and students are cordially invited to attend the meetings. The meeting documents are available for your perusal in the secretariat in room J5-69, as well as the public meeting minutes of the faculty council.



Faculty Council regulations (in dutch)