PhD defence B.P.S.I. (Bodine) Belderbos


Prof.dr. R. de Wit


Prof.dr. A.H.J. Mathijssen


Dr. M.P.J.K. Lolkema


Dr. R.J. van Soest

Wednesday 4 Dec 2019, 11:30 - 13:00
PhD defence
Professor Andries Querido room
Education Center
Erasmus MC
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On Wednesday 4 December 2019, B.P.S.I. Belderbos will defend her PhD dissertation, entitled: ‘Metastatic Prostate Cancer - Perspective on Treatment Selection and Pharmacology’.

The treatment landscape of metastatic prostate cancer is constantly changing, with the introduction of new medication and combinations of medication. It is important to be aware of the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic effects of the (combinations of) medication. In this thesis we depict the drug-drug interaction between the chemotherapy cabazitaxel and anti-androgen therapy enzalutamide. Moreover, the pharmacodynamic effects of the new anti-androgen medication apalutamide are described. Furthermore, this thesis aims to identify patient- and tumor-related factors to estimate the response to therapy and thereby personalize metastatic prostate cancer treatment. We, therefore, focused on conventional baseline laboratory results, but also genetic variations and the variety in hormone receptors to identify possible predictive factors. The presence of androgen-receptor variant 7 (AR-V7) in circulating tumor cells in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer has been the most promising biomarker, especially in patients with 5 or more circulating tumor cells at baseline. Without any molecular biomarkers in patients with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, the number and site of metastases is currently the most important factor to determine treatment choice.

The public defence will take place at the Prof. Andries Queridoroom, 3rd floor Education Center, Erasmus MC. The ceremony will begin exactly at 11.30 hrs. In light of the solemn nature of the ceremony, we recommend that you do not take children under the age of 6 to the first part of the ceremony.

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