PhD defence J.S. (Jan) Erkamp


Prof.dr. V.W.V. Jaddoe


Prof.dr. I.K.M. Reiss


Dr. R. Gaillard

Wednesday 3 Feb 2021, 15:30 - 17:00
PhD defence
Professor Andries Querido room
Education Center
Erasmus MC
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On Wednesday 3 February 2021, J.S. Erkamp will defend his PhD dissertation, entitled: ‘Screening for Adverse Pregnancy and Childhood Outcomes’.

Pregnancy complications are a major public health problem in the general population. Pregnancy complications, including gestational hypertensive disorders, abnormal fetal growth and birth weight have far reaching consequences for the health of both mother and child. Certain maternal, fetal and placental characteristics are associated with these adverse outcomes. The presence or absence of these characteristics during pregnancy, or possibly even before pregnancy, could help selecting women at higher risk of developing these pregnancy complications. This could lead to improved monitoring, and possibly intervention, before severe disease develops. In recent years, research has shown that, although pregnancy complications often manifest in third trimester, they likely find their cause in earlier pregnancy. Abnormal placentation in early pregnancy may play an important role. Screening for, and early identification of women and their offspring at risk of pregnancy and childhood complications with subsequent monitoring and management may prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes, and improve later life health. The general aim of this thesis is to identify which maternal, fetal and placental parameters can be used for screening for common pregnancy complications with implications for neonatal and childhood health outcomes in a healthy, low-risk, multi-ethnic population. The studies presented in this thesis were embedded in the Generation R Study and the Generation R Next study. These are population-based prospective cohort studies from fetal life, and from preconception onwards, respectively. Both studies are conducted in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studies are designed to identify early environmental and genetic determinants of growth, development and health in preconception, fetal life and childhood.

Due to corona, the PhD defences do not take place publicly in the usual way in the Senate Hall or in the Professor Andries Querido Room. The candidates will defend their dissertation either in a small group or online.

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