PhD defence Y.M. (Yuen) Cheung


Prof.dr. R.J. Stolker


Prof.dr. F. Weber

Wednesday 15 Jan 2020, 09:30 - 11:30
PhD defence
Professor Andries Querido room
Education Center
Campus Woudestein
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On Wednesday 15 January 2020, Y.M. Cheung will defend his PhD dissertation, entitled: ‘Mid-Latency Auditory Evoked Potentials: Monitoring the Depth of Hypnosis in Children’.

Mid-latency auditory evoked potentials (MLAEP) can be used as a variable to measure the depth of hypnosis. A potential benefit of these is that it matures around the first decade of life in the developing brain of the child. While traditionally EEG is used by anesthesia depth monitors, the EEG matures and develops throughout life. This theses investigated the current opinion of (pediatric) anesthesiologists towards the use of depth of anesthesia monitors in children and how a MLAEP based depth of hypnosis monitor performs in children during commonly used anesthetics.It appears that no consensus exists for how a conscious monitor should be used during anesthesia for children. Anesthetic depth monitoring is also less frequently used in younger children and also less frequently used during anesthesia with volatile anesthetics. During anesthesia with commonly used anesthetics the MLAEP monitor appears to be reasonable to detect the regaining of consciousness in children of different ages, while being less reliable to different between different stages of depths of anesthesia.

The public defence will take place at the Prof. Andries Queridoroom, 3rd floor Education Center, Erasmus MC. The ceremony will begin exactly at 09.30 hrs. In light of the solemn nature of the ceremony, we recommend that you do not take children under the age of 6 to the first part of the ceremony.

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