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This section is under constant development. Questions and answers will be added along the way. 


First read our webpage “Housing in Rotterdam in 7 steps” for all the information regarding housing in a nutshell. Then use our EUR housing Selection Guide to check which housing options are available for you and within budget.

Yes, you can apply for more than one EUR reserved accommodation provider to increase your chances, but please make sure that you are aware of the cancellation policy once you made a complete booking. Some providers will ask for a cancellation fee or you will only receive back your down payment partly. On our website you can find the cancellation policy per reserved accommodation provider.

For the reserved EUR apartments at Xior, that will become available for the academic year 2023-2024, you don’t need a code.

Xior has several collaborations with other Universities in the Netherlands and those Universities decided to make use of a code. EUR however is the only one that doesn’t use a code.

The has reserved 200 rooms at the Social Hub for our International students. The booking for those rooms will start on 1 May 2023 and as of this date you can find he codes on this webpage.

You can already book rooms at TSH before 1 May without a code but those rooms are not part of the partnership agreement of EUR. You cannot receive any discount later when you have booked a non-EUR room.

Unfortunately each program at the Erasmus University Rotterdam can only approve a limited number of accounts. If your account is not approved by the faculty or the status of your registration has been changed to “on hold” instead of “for approval”, this means that there are no more rooms available for your program.

Even though you can still see rooms available, the faculty will not be able to approve your registration. The remaining available rooms are meant for other faculties at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. You will receive an email from the faculty when they are no longer able to approve your registration.

Since our schools are not offering online education as default, you are expected to be present on campus at the start of the semester.

We advise you to not travel to Rotterdam when you haven’t found a place to stay. If you decide to start your study without having secured housing, please note that you may find yourself in hotels or hostels for a long period of time, which may result in high costs, inconvenience, and stress. Unfortunately, Erasmus University will not be able to help you find a place to stay.

No, we don’t work with waiting lists. You can send an enquiry if any rooms are available to housing@eur.nl.

Rent benefit is a form of compensation on high rents provided by the Dutch government to residents on a low income. Want to know more? Read more on the following website and see if you and the accommodation you are about the rent qualifies you for rent benefit.

How much money you will actually need depends on your lifestyle. We strongly recommend you to make a budget plan.

Experience has shown that students living and studying in Rotterdam spend approximately €1200 a month. This amount is needed to cover daily expenses, meals, accommodation costs, insurance, study books etc. The estimate below does not include tuition fees and unforeseen costs, and should be used as a general indication of the costs of living in the Netherlands. Although with current energy crisis your living expense might be even higher.

The costs for housing, for example, may differ considerably. Also, if you plan to travel during your stay, you will obviously need more money.

Read more about this topic here!

Most students prefer to live in the neighborhoods Kralingen, City Centre, Delfshaven and Noord. But overall, all neighborhoods in Rotterdam are great to live in. Also the above mentioned neighborhoods are because of their popularity also the most expensive ones to live. So we would definitely advise you not to only focus on these neighborhoods but also expand your horizon. Read more about the neighborhoods in Rotterdam on this website.


The area further to the South of Rotterdam used to be a “problem” area, but about 10 years ago the city council started to reinvest in this lively part of town. Continued municipal investment has resulted in an influx commercial activities and inhabitants.

Keep in mind that Rotterdam has excellent public transport so you can easily (within 30 minutes) commute from one part of Rotterdam to the other.

We also recommend students to search not only in Rotterdam, but also in other close by cities like Capelle aan den IJssel and Schiedam.

If you will be living in the Netherlands for more than 4 months, you must register at the City Hall in the town in which you are living. Read more about the requirements on the following website: https://www.eur.nl/en/education/study-rotterdam/living-here/city-hall

At the start of every semester, we provide our international students the opportunity to register at the City Hall during the One Stop Shops on campus. So make your appointment today!

For certain neighborhoods and streets in Rotterdam you need a housing permit. You can find a list of those neighborhoods and streets on the Municipality website of Rotterdam: https://www.rotterdam.nl/loket/huisvestingsvergunning/

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