Thesis repository

The Erasmus University Thesis Repository contains over 40,000 theses from 2009 until the present. Most of these are master theses. 


In the thesis repository, you can search by:

  • title
  • author
  • all fields
  • faculty/institute (affiliation)
  • study (series)

with both Dutch and English terms.

The repository contains theses from all faculties and institutes at EUR, with the exception of Erasmus MC and Erasmus School of Law. Would you like a list by faculty/institute, including the number of theses? Click on “show all” at “Affiliation” on the left of the search screen.


There is open access to the full text of many of the theses in the thesis repository. The full text of theses of Rotterdam School of Management and part of Erasmus School of Economics can only be accessed by the EUR community.
For these theses, you will see the instruction: Sign in to view additional files on the right of the screen. If you click on this link to go to the full text, an ERNA account is required.

Not found?

If you are looking for a specific thesis and you can’t find it in the thesis repository, try sEURch. Here you will find the details of online theses up to 2013 inclusive and of printed theses up to 2014 inclusive. Like books, printed theses may be borrowed. 



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