Copyright for lecturers

Lecturers use prescribed or compulsory literature, journal articles, book chapters, datasets, photos, videos, images, or other materials to teach students the skills they will need as employee or employer. During this, lecturers make use of both their own work as well as the works of others.

Copyright provides the framework for lecturers on how to use the works of others. Important in this regard are article 12 paragraph 5 (right for classroom use), article 15a (right to quote), and article 16 (education exception) of the Dutch copyright law.

The right for classroom use concerns the right to present, perform or show a work in the classroom. From the 7th of June 2021, an amendment to the Dutch copyright law entered into force so that classroom use also includes the digital learning environment.
It is important that the presentation, performance, or showing of a work may not be recorded or distributed.

The right to quote concerns quoting from works to support educational materials. This right to quote involves text, images, and video- and audio fragments.

The educational exception concerns the right to, for a fee, reproduce and distribute works for educational purposes. These fees form the basis of the Easy Access-agreement between the joint Dutch universities and the Stichting UvO.

Here you will find several frequently asked questions by lecturers concerning copyright. If your question is not included, contact the Copyright Information Point via

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