Borrowing from the collection

The University Library collection is distributed over the study areas and in closed stacks. You can borrow from the entire collection, with the exception of the special collections.

In the study areas, the publications are ordered by subject. These areas are located in the library on East 0 and East +1. Consult sEURch to find the location details of a certain publication. If you wish to borrow a book from the study area collection, take the book from the shelf and use your EUR student card or library card to check it out at the self-checkout on West 0 in the library.

Most of the collection can be found in the closed stacks and requested via sEURch with an EUR student card or library card. Read what to do here (Borrowing > How do I borrow a book?).

EUR staff/students may borrow a total of up to of fifty books. This total is 10 for other borrowers.

Collecting borrowed books

If you choose University Library - Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet as your collection location via sEURch, your book will be available at the pick-up shelf on West 0 in the library. If you have selected another pick-up location in sEURch, the book will be ready for collection at that specific location.

You will be notified by email when your book is available for collection. Take the book from the pick-up shelf and check it out yourself using your EUR student card or library card. Requested books will be available for collection for seven days. Check the opening times before you collect your book(s).

  • If you request a book before 9:00, it can be collected by 13:00.
  • If you request a book before 13:00, it can be collected by 16:00.
  • Books requested on Fridays after 14:00 or at the weekend and on bank holidays can be collected on the following working day (at the latest at 13.00).

It is possible to have the books delivered by PostNL or internal post for € 2.75. Ask for details via the online form.

Returning borrowed books

Return books to the library via the self-return on West 0 in the library building. In Polak you can deposit these in a return box. After returning, a book is removed from your EUR student card or library card as soon as possible.

Loan period and overdue charges

The loan period for books is four weeks. If you do not return a book in time, you will receive a reminder (recall) after the due date and a second reminder after a week. After that you will receive a bill for the replacement of the book. Go to Fines and fees for overdue charges.


  • As a borrower you are responsible for returning books on time or extending the loan period.
  • You are also responsible for ensuring that you receive e-mail or post addressed to you. Untimely receipt of an e-mail or post addressed to you on account of an address change, a full e-mail box, etc. are not valid arguments for the library to cancel the overdue charges.
  • If you have costs on your account, your card will be blocked.
  • If you have lost a book please report this as soon as possible via the online form.
  • In case of a dispute with the library about whether or not you have returned a book on time, the library administration will be decisive, unless you have a receipt of return.