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Business Information Management

Business Information Management (BIM) master students enjoy excellent career prospects. Companies put great value on BIM master graduates who display an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the strategic use of information. Positions available at national and international companies for BIM masters include chief information officer (CIO), business consultant and business analyst.

The following job descriptions are frequently applied to our graduates working for large or multinational companies or consultancy firms: 

  • Information Managers who analyse and implement information solutions for companies;  
  • Business Consultants who advise managers to develop business applications to create value;
  • Business Analysts who analyse and implement new ways of doing business;   
  • IT Consultants who advise managers on how to develop new IT-enabled solutions;
  • Business Development Managers who develop new IT-enabled business models;  
  • Project Managers who initiate, direct, and manage projects in and between companies;
  • Management Trainees who usually follow a two-year ‘training on the job’ programme and will continue their career in a management position. 

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