Economics of Markets and Organisations
MSc Economics and Business

Why study Master Economics of Markets and Organisations

Do you want to make a difference at work? Are you analytically strong and eager to learn how to determine the impact of market structure and organisational policies on the performance of organisations? Learn crucial insights and skills to deal with the challenges that organisations face in the Economics of Markets and Organisations programme.

This specialisation uses the latest research insights and techniques. It teaches you to determine how organisational policies, such as recruitment, rewards, job design, decision-making procedures, and leadership drive human behaviour at work and organisational performance. Furthermore, you learn how market structure and organisational strategy interact in determining key economic outcomes, such as innovation, productivity, and growth. With the skills and tools to perform theoretical and empirical analysis, you are able to recognise core drivers for challenges that organisations face, and provide, present, and evaluate solutions to these challenges. Not only the challenges of today, but also those that arise 20 years from now.

Study the Economics of Markets and Organisation programme at Erasmus School of Economics for:

  • Theoretical and empirical skills to analyse organisations and markets
  • Relevant insights on how to help organisations navigate today’s and tomorrow’s challenges
  • A coherent, challenging and up-to-date curriculum
  • Career opportunities in a wide array of sectors and occupations.

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    Is this the right choice for you?

    Are you dedicated, analytical, and interested in a challenging microeconomic programme? Do you want to understand why some firms succeed where others fail? Do you aim for a career in consulting or management? Then this programme was designed for you.

    The following traits will stand you in good stead to be successful:

    • Your background in microeconomics is good.
    • You know the basics of empirical economics.
    • Challenges appeal to an ambitious person like you.
    • You are curious and open-minded.

    Why study Economics of Markets and Organisations in Rotterdam?

    This programme is ideal when you seek to gain insight into what drives human behaviour at work and how market structure and organisational strategy affect organisational policies and performance. Erasmus School of Economics is unique in harbouring a large group of active researchers specialising in organisational economics that are dedicated to combining excellent research with lecturing skills that inspire and enthuse. This makes the Erasmus School of Economics the place to be in Europe for studying a programme in this field.

    Economics of Markets and Organisation provides you with all the skills required to excel in your future career
    Tom Reijnen
    Student Economics of Markets and Organisations
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