After graduation

Forensic and Legal Psychology

Opportunities after graduating

This master will make you familiar with forensic and legal psychology topics. There is some room for choice.

If you aim at becoming a clinical forensic psychologist, you should choose a relevant practical internship in the second semester. Note that the number of clinical practical internships is limited, and may require some proficiency at speaking Dutch. Further note that to be successful in your later career as a clinical forensic psychologist, you should have a bachelor degree in clinical psychology. This is so to meet the requirements for the postdoctoral educational programme for GZ-psycholoog.

If you are more interested in legal psychology, you will trade the practical forensic internship for the legal psychology moot court, in which you will practice writing a legal psychology expert witness report. You will be prepared for a job as researcher or policy advisor in (forensic or) legal psychology, for example in institutions for forensic mental health, the ministry of Justice, and research institutions such as NRCR, WODC, or university.

The Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP) offers a lot of information regarding the workfield of a psychologist. 

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