International and European Union Law

Why study Master International and European Union Law

LL.M. programme International and European Union Law @ Erasmus University Rotterdam

Explore the processes and consequences of increased economic integration, which are ongoing both within the European Union and internationally. Economic integration affects our lives in multiple ways and often translates into policy and law. Think of the role of law in the process of European integration and in bodies such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in regulating international trade. Do you want to learn more about these processes and get educated by an international teaching staff team that is active in legal practice as well? If the answer is yes, then this is your master programme!

This LL.M. programme provides you with the skills to analyse the effects of economic integration and its consequences for the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

After you have graduated from this programme, you can provide profound legal advice in the field of international and European law and economic integration to both public and private entities.

Why choose this programme?

  • Study the processes of economic integration and its impact on the rule of law, democracy and human rights from an International and European legal perspective;
  • Develop exceptional legal advisory and cross-cultural communication skills that provide an ideal start for an international career in public organisations at national or international levels, multinational law firms or consultancy firms;
  • Acquire an active working knowledge of the trade rules of the EU and the World Trade Organization (WTO);
  • Courses are taught by international staff members who are also active in legal practice;
  • Enjoy small-scale education in an international classroom;
  • Benefit from discussions with well-known academic scholars and practitioners, such as judges, politicians and representatives of international organisations;  
  • Participate in study trips to Brussels, Geneva or Strasbourg.

Student experiences

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