Programme overview

Media, Culture & Society
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The study programme in a nutshell

Media, Culture & Society is one of the five master Media Studies specialisations. This specialisation offers students key tools to examine and understand the complex and changing roles of the media in our personal, political, and cultural lives.

What you will learn

As a Media, Culture & Society student, you will gain expertise on key developments in the media world and their wider societal causes and consequences. You will acquire state of the art knowledge about processes of media production, distribution, and reception, while being prepared to systematically examine these processes and their implications. All this will equip you to analyse complex social and cultural phenomena related to the fast-changing media environment.

The interdisciplinary focus of Media, Culture & Society is strengthened by real-life cases and guest lectures from professionals. We aim at effectively bringing theory into practice by diving into the communication challenges faced by actors and organizations within the media and other social fields. Next to combining theory and practice, students also train academic skills such as critical reading, presenting, debating, writing, and conducting empirical research.  

Introduction video about the MA Media, Culture & Society by dr. Isabel Awad

Media, Culture & Society by dr. Isabel Awad

Course overview

Below you can view the fulltime programme of Media, Culture & Society for this year.

Note: The capacity of Elective Seminars and Research Workshops is limited. Students have the opportunity to indicate their course interests. Allocation will be done by the Programme Office. Content, themes and scheduling of Elective Seminars and Research Workshops is subject to change and may vary in subsequent academic years. If you want to know more about a particular course, you can enter the course code in the Course Catalogue.

Study schedule 2024-2025

Term 1

Course code: CM4202

Student workload: 5 EC

Course code: CM4201

Student workload: 5 EC

Term 1-2

Course code: CM4304

Student workload: 10 EC

Term 2

Participating AudiencesCM42055 EC
Digital Media and Cultural IdentitiesCM4210

Vigilant Audiences, Visibility and ReputationCM42525 EC
Media and MigrationCM4254
Television AudiencesCM4351

Term 3

Course code: CM4493

Student workload: 5 EC

Media Policies and Markets CM44915 EC
Media EntrepreneurshipCM4503
The Future of the Creative Labour MarketCM4501
Roaming the Digital World: Data Analytics for Business & SocietyCM4104

Term 1-4

Course code: CM5050

Student workload: 20 EC

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