2020 Research Prize to be awarded to two winners: Simone Dalm and Julian Schaap

Simone Dalm en Julian Schaap

This year’s Research Prize will have two winners: Dr Simone Dalm, an assistant professor at Erasmus MC’s Radiology & Nuclear Medicine unit, and Dr Julian Schaap, an assistant professor of sociology of music affiliated with the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication’s Arts and Culture Studies department. The prize is awarded to Erasmus University Rotterdam researchers who have recently obtained their PhDs, have conducted an exceptional research project and are at the start of a promising career in research.

Dr Simone Dalm

Dr Simone Dalm's research focuses on the development and application of new radiopharmaceuticals and highly innovative strategies designed to improve the imaging and treatment of prostate cancer and breast cancer. For instance, she developed a novel method to detect and target prostate cancer tumour cells without affecting any other cells. This method can be applied to other types of cancer, as well. KWF previously presented her with the Bas Mulder Award for the development of the method, which is an impressive feat at this early stage of her career.

The jury awarding the Research Prize, which consisted of EUR Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels, Dr Carlos Riumallo Herl (ESE, winner of the 2019 Research Prize), Prof. Pauline Jansen (ESSB) and Prof. Ting Li (RSM), was very impressed with the innovative lines of research Dr Dalm has established and with all the grants she has been awarded. Since she obtained her PhD in 2017, Dr Dalm has already received a Veni grant, an NWO grant for promising young researchers. Not only are her research projects highly innovative, but they have a significant social impact, as well. Several pharmaceutical companies are already applying her study results.

Dr Julian Schaap

In recent years, Dr Julian Schaap has worked on research projects with a high degree of social and academic relevance: social inequality based on background and ethnicity. Among other things, he has appeared on several TV shows and research festivals to share his findings with the general public. In addition, his work has been published in several academic journals.

The jury praised the way Dr Schaap makes an effort to share his research and findings with the non-academic community and the way this reflects on Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in general. Schaap has already been presented with several awards, such as his graduate school’s 2019 Thesis Award and the Preamium Erasmianum Society’s 2020 Dissertation Award. Both organisations found his work to be interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and highly innovative. The 2020 Research Prize will help Schaap expand the scope of his study on the impact of music on social and psychological well-being and what differences can be observed between groups of people of different ages, ethnicities and genders.

About the Research Prize

The Research Prize consists of a certificate and a grant of €7,000, which is provided by the Erasmus Trust Fund. The winners will be presented with their awards during the official Opening of the 2020-2021 Academic Year on Monday, 31 August 2020.

dr. Simone Dalm
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Julian Schaap

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