Expert committee outlines guidelines for EUR cooperation with fossil industry

Campustuin Woudestein
A. van Doorn

Recognizing the climate and ecological emergency in 2023, Erasmus University Rotterdam has sharpened its sustainability ambitions. It also organized 12 university-wide dialogues on sustainability entitled Sustainability at EUR: From words to action. EUR acknowledges that urgent and coordinated action is needed to counter the effects of climate change and the destruction of our ecosystems, which is why the EUR wants to do its part.   

We are committed to creating positive social impact through our teaching, research and engagement. A sustainable future is an important part of that social impact. As a university, we collaborate with a wide range of academic and other partners to achieve this. When forming partnerships with external parties, the Executive Board believes it is essential that a collaborating partner has a credible and achievable 'divesting in fossil' policy. To do this in a consistent and transparent manner, we need to establish clear guidelines.

Guidelines for Industry Relations 

In acknowledging the climate and ecological emergency, we indicated that the relationships with organizations that have a major impact on climate and ecosystems will be structurally mapped. 

A committee with staff and scientists from different faculties and services will draw up these guidelines for cooperation with the fossil fuel industry. This Committee of Experts builds on the results of the sustainability dialogues earlier this year, and the advice from the dialogue partners, to formulate EUR guidelines for cooperation with the fossil fuel industry in the short term. The committee will start work immediately. They are expected to deliver their results by autumn 2024 at the latest. 

Prof. Arwin van Buuren (Strategic Dean Impact & Engagement EUR) and Dr. Bas Karreman (Director of Engagement at Erasmus School of Economics) will chair the committee. 

The other members are: 

  • Dr. Margo Strijbosch (ERS) 
  • Prof. mr. Liesbeth Enneking (ESL) 
  • Dr. Constanze Binder (EsSPhil) 
  • Prof. dr. Dirk Schoenmaker (RSM) 
  • Max Wagenaar, M.Sc. (member University Council) 
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