Faculty-based sessions on online education projects

This past month almost all EUR faculties had their first sessions to discuss the following step they plan to take in the area of online education.

The next step a faculty could focus on is developing a complete online module or developing new online education applications to improve campus-based learning.

At most faculties the initial session to discuss the following step in the area of online education was of an exploratory nature. In a number of sessions the first tangible ideas for a project or innovation project were formulated. In the coming period the faculties will consider which project they would like to focus their efforts on within their own organisation. Subsequently, a second session will be scheduled and the faculties will then receive the support needed to realise their ambitions.

At two faculties (ISS and the Faculty of Philosophy), concept development is already at a very advanced stage.

ISS (International Institute of Social Studies) wants to develop a MOOC in the field of Local Economic Development (LED). ISS additionally wants to develop two SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses). The subject of the first SPOC will be entrepreneurship development (incubators, innovation, women’s entrepreneurship, business development services and development finance); the second will cover LED at meso level (global value chains, clustering, local production systems, agri-chains, strategic planning, locality branding).

The Faculty of Philosophy will offer a complete English-taught master’s programme in 2016-2017. In this programme, students can choose from two profiles: ‘Philosophy, Politics and Economics’ (PPE) and ‘Continental Philosophy and its History’ (CPH). To bring both of these profiles to the attention of the international target group, the Faculty of Philosophy will develop two MOOCs.

More information

For more information, contact Gerard Baars (baars@risbo.eur.nl), EUR online education programme component project manager.