Launching two new MOOCs on Coursera

This past month two new MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) were launched at EUR: the Innovation Management MOOC (RSM) and the Serious Gaming MOOC (ESHCC).

With the development of MOOCs, EUR is realising its ambition of presenting its education to an international audience. Participants from across the globe can participate in this form of education offered by EUR for free. Furthermore, the MOOCs can also be used to further improve campus-based education.

MOOC Innovatie Management (RSM)

On 29 March 2016 RSM’s Innovation Management MOOC was launched on Coursera. This MOOC can be found at:

The project manager at RSM for this MOOC is Dr Serge Rijsdijk.

MOOC Serious Gaming (ESHCC)

On 18 April 2016 the third EUR MOOC was launched on Coursera: Serious Gaming. This MOOC can be found at:

The project manager at ESHCC for this MOOC is Prof Jeroen Jansz.

The development of both MOOCs received support from Kris Stabel, Marit Nieuwenhuys and Remy Fermont (all from Risbo), Pieter van Baarle, Ramon Bovenlander, Frans Jonathan van der Stok and Pjotr van Baarle (all from the Media Support Center) and Amanda Koopman (Marketing & Communications).

More information

Would you like more information on developing MOOCs at EUR? Contact Gerard Baars (, project manager EUR online education programme component.